Saturday, August 14, 2010

El Cuarto del Maestro, Baca Hacienda, Santa Fe, NM

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1st Place Judged Show Pocatello Art Center, May 2010


Marie aka Grams said...

Mary Anne, Your work continues to be exquisite, and so ambitious.
Love this piece (and all the others.)

Kass said...

I love all the details here...and the colors. It reminds me of the homes in Pioneer Village. Are there ropes in the doors so people can't go in the rooms?

Mary Anne said...

Thanks Kass for your comment. No, no ropes there. The light was so luminous that afternoon. It is the last pic of 9 that I painted there. I kept two, this one and one titled 'The Smithy', a favorite of mine.

eyecontact said...

Wonderful work! Just invites the viewer into a loved place. So cozy and warm, these tones.
I'm looking forward to seeing lots more of your art.
I really like your photos on the other blog, too.

eyecontact said...
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