Sunday, February 06, 2011

Old Town Pocatello

...a pen and ink drawing from my series on historic buildings here in Old Town Pocatello..
2nd Place 2011 Pocatello Art Center Judged Show, May 2011
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Kass said...

Incredible!! What detail!

What are the dimensions of this piece? Do we get to see the others?

Mary Anne said...

Thank you so much! This is #3 of what will probably be 7. It is 9x12. They are such fun to do. I'm hoping to have a show in one of the buildings during an ArtWalk here.
I heard yesterday there are tiles with naked women on them on some buildings here. They apparently designated the bldg. as a bordello back in the railroad days :-)

Kass said...

I hope you show all of them to us.

And I hope you get to see the naked lady tiles.